Soviet Physics and Mathematics Books

I really enjoy soviet books, they have a right to the point style, with no stall at all. They valeu deep understanding, and rigorous thought. In this post I’ll cite some math and physics references that I have enjoyed (by topics). Hope you’ll enjoy it too! You can also check out for yourself some other titles on

Problem Solving Books on Elementary Physics:
S.S. Krotov – Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
I.E. Irodov – Problems in General Physics
N. N. Lebedev, et al – Worked Problems In Applied Mathematics
A.A. Pinsky Problems in Physics
L.A. Sena A collection of Questions and Problems in Physics
V. Zubov & V. Shalnov Problems in Physics

Problem Solving Books on Elementary Mathematics:
The USSR Olympiad Problem Book
N. N. Lebedev, et al – Worked Problems In Applied Mathematics

Physics Gems:
Landau and Lifshitz’s Course in Theoretical Physics (ten volumes)
Ufimtsev, P. Ya. Fundamentals of Physical Theory of Diffraction
A.S. Davydov Quantum Mechanics

Mathematics Gems:
I. S. Gradshteyn and I. M. Ryzhik. Table of Integrals, Series, and Products
V.I. Arnold Ordinary Differential Equations
G.M. Fikhtengolts Fundamentals of Mathematical Analysis
Piskunov Differential and Integral Calculus (two volumes)
B. Demidovich Problems in Mathematical Analysis

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