Free online lecture notes

An amazing set of lecture notes that you can find online for free, credits for So you want to become a physicist.

Introductory Classical Mechanics

Optics and Thermodynamics &  Electromagnetism

Waves and Oscillations

Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics


Computational Physics

Introductory Quantum Mechanics

Classical And Quantum Optics


Mathematical Physics

Classical Mechanics
Free Advanced text on Classical Mechanics (More advanced than Goldstein)
Kip Thorne’s Applications of Classical Physics (Advanced)

Classical Electromagnetism

Solid State physics

Plasma Physics

Nuclear Physics

Atomic Physics

Particle Physics

Statistical Mechanics and Thermal Physics

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Field Theory
Quantum Fields in Curved Space Time
MIT OCW Geometry and Quantum Field Theory

Quantum Electrodynamics

Quantum Chromodynamics

Condensed Matter Physics

Special Theory Of Relativity

General Theory of Relativity


High Energy Physics

String Theory

Loop Quantum Gravity

Super-Symmetry Lecture Notes

MORE NOTES (Miscellaneous),
Some good Lecture Notes


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